Future forward looking business initiatives

Preservation & utilisation of the heritage-protected water tower “Lanstroper Ei” in Dortmund

The location

The initiative provides for the preservation of the historically Lanstroper Ei water tower in Dortmund, which is to be used in the future as a CO₂-neutral showpiece for renewable energies. A training center for commercial energy consultants is to be built at t^^he tower in cooperation with a qualified training provider. It is planned to integrate a “filling station” for electric vehicles and to recommend the tower as a showpiece for schools. The project illustrates the structural change of the region; events for interested citizens on the subject of energy efficiency can be held there in the building extension. The water tower is to be integrated into the Emscher Landscape Park as an industrial monument with economic benefits.

The realization

The concept provides for an integrated photovoltaic system with an output of approx. 20kWp on a roof area of 250m². The generated solar power can be used for heating as well as electrical supply and the surplus power can be fed into the storage power plant. If needed, the energy is provided by a pumped storage power plant. Optionally, the system can be extended by a micro CHP plant. Surplus energy is fed into the public grid. The respective output of solar energy and hydropower is to be clearly visualized by displays on the project and on the Internet.

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