Thomas Sacks
Managing Director

Gerd Ebbinghaus
Managementberatung & Bauleiter

„With our DIY photovoltaic systems, you can generate your own electricity and save money. The installation is simple and straightforward.“

  • Free short analysis by email or phone call
  • Energy consulting (unsubsidised) with subsequent report and bill of quantities
    • Energy audit according to DIN EN 16247
    • Energy management system according to ISO 50001
    • if applicable, environmental management audit/system according to ISO 14001
  • Quotation
    • for delivery of materials according to the service specifications from previous energy consultation
    • for service (acceptance, commissioning, correspondence with network operators & market data register)
  • Self-installation
    • Neighbourhood help via relatives, friends, neighbours
    • with the help of friendly craftsmen of the customer
    • Craftsman’s business that offers installation without selling materials
  • Other services in connection with self-build PV systems
    • Safety & health coordination (provision of a SiGeKo) in accordance with the Construction Site Ordinance
      • Risk assessments
      • Instruction
      • Arrangement of compulsory and available occupational health examinations by BG accident insurance physicians (e.g. risk of falling)
    • PV system check/PV expertise
      • Visual inspections
      • measurement / recording of electrical parameters
      • written report

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